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Dog Walking

Walking to suit your requirements  


Active Dog Services and Active Agility

All the activities we offer are to promote a better understanding and welfare of your dog. Whilst in our care or one of our classes learning a brand new activity your dog comes first.

All the activities we offer are on this page and if you click on any of the subjects it will take you to more information.

All our activities require a booking form to be completed and the links for this can be found in the various activities we offer.

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Dog Hoopers

From the complete beginner to competition handler  

Dog Agility

From the complete beginner to competition handler  

Agility (2020 Starters now available.)

Dog agility is becoming one of the UK's most popular sports. Agility can be as fast or slow as you wish. Agility can cover all ages and ability both in human or dog. We have classes to suit all and with a starters 6 week course to give you and your dog enough time to find out if you will enjoy it. Join today and start having fun with your dog.

2020 Agility starter dates


Sunday 23rd Feb 9.30am Full

Monday 30th  March 6.30pm 4 spaces available

Thursday 19th March 6.30pm 3 spaces available

2020 Hoopers starter dates


Tuesday 7th April

Tuesday 7th April

Please click anywhere on the above dates to go to the booking pages.

Hoopers (2020 Starters now available.)

Hoopers is one of the fastest sports for dogs currently sweeping the UK. We have been offering Hoopers for the first time in 2019 and now going into 2020 we look to expand what we have to offer.

Hoopers is open to any dog from 6 months up, it is very low impact and can be enjoyed by handlers and dogs alike at any age.

Only 1 Agility starter space available Thursday 6.30am 19th March

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