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Hoopers is fast becoming one of the most growing sports for dogs in the UK.

This is a sport for any dog of any age human or dog, everything is on the ground so very little impact.

Hoopers isnt about running around at high speed to control the dog the sport is far much more than that which makes it a unique chance for all ages to compete together on a level playing field.

As with all we do at Active we have come up with a 6 week package (This will be constantly updated as the sport progresses) This will cover all aspects of the Hoopers, Tunnelers and Barrellers.

We are very proud to boast even at the early stage of the sport 6 fully qualified instructors. With 2 at the advanced level.

Starters will include

6 weeks of Hoopers, Tunnelers and Barrellers instruction

Everyone who joins the class will be given a hoop which is yours to keep for practice.

Further hoops will be available at a discount price only available to Active Hooper Members.

Cost £65.00 for the 6 week course.

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One of the fastest growing sports for dogs in the UK

Hoopers which includes Barrellers & Tunnelers

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2019 Starter Agility Dates

We have 2 full classes already up and running, we will be expanding this in 2020.

Therefore we have decided to start the next 6 week course in March and you can pre sign up. Once we have 5 handlers for the class the course will start, you will then be asked for payment.

March 2020 Tuesday Evening

March 2020 Tuesday Evening

Future dates and times to follow soon

Please read before submitting the form.

The courses are for 6 weeks, same hour each week for the 6 weeks, This is a course with set lessons for that time.

When you submit the form you will not be guaranteed a space in any class.  Your space will only be guaranteed when payment in full has been received.

Payment will be asked for in advance.

Hoopers News

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