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1 2 1 Training Agility Training

1 2 1 (2-2-1) lessons

This can cover any agility training, from full courses, course management to the various skills the sport demand, We can accommodate the complete beginner who wishes there dog to experience agility isolated from the distraction of other dogs right the way through to the advanced who wish to hone their skills.

1 2 1 are booked via email only unless a club member.

Active Agility

Hartleywood Equestrian Centre

Clutton Hill

Kings Lane


BS39 5QA

Starter Classes

The starter classes are for 6 weeks, the classes cover the basics of agility. There are a maximum of 6 dogs per group minimum 3 We use reward based training only in all our training. The dog will learn jumps, tunnels, contacts and the turns which are required for agility.

2020 Start dates now available

The main agility groups are a direct continuation from the starter classes. Classes are normally 6 per group but for the more experienced handlers can go up to 7 maximum. All the equipment is trained at this level including weaves, hoops, long jump and see saw.

No dogs under 13 months can train weaves or go over any contact equipment

Agility Groups

Active Agility Address

Agility Booking

The starter classes exactly the same as the above, however an experienced handler trains your dog within the class at no extra cost.

Dates are the same as the starter groups.

2020 Start dates now available

Agility Booking

Your dog different handler new for 2020

At ADS we like to offer different challenges, one of the most fun and rewarding options is agility.

 This teaches the handler and dog to work together and help to promote the bond between them.

We offer agility training from the basics to competition standard. All classes are kept to a maximum of 6 dogs per instructor and in groups of equal ability where we can. There is a set six week course, after this we continue with your training at the level which you and the dog learn.

The starting age for any breed of dog is around 12 months. There is no upper age limit as long as the dog is fully fit. We adjust the equipment heights to the size and age of the dog so as to prevent any injury.

Agility is great fun for you and your dog. It can help with focusing your dog on you while there are distractions and controlling your dog off lead at various distances. It can be very rewarding experience when you are able to control your dog off lead for a whole agility course.

Agility is preformed both left and right hand sides of the dog, this enables the handler to learn how to control their dog to a higher standard.

All dogs new to agility are placed on very low impact agility equipment. The emphasis of these lessons is to have fun with your dog and learn a new skill. The equipment is always kept at a minimum height and exercises are adapted to all dogs.

Brand new for 2020

Your dog trained by an experienced handler.

We now offer a service for owners who would like their dogs to do agility but feel they would rather have someone else handle.

This would run along side the normal starters and would be a 6 week commitment to finish the course.

There is nothing extra to pay just the £60.00 for the course of lessons.

This is now an option on the starters booking form.

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Agility Booking Agility Booking